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About Oudsome Agarwood

Welcome to Oudsome, a haven for agarwood enthusiasts seeking authentic oud experiences. Founded in 2001, our journey is rooted in a deep appreciation for the mystical allure of agarwood.

Our Story

Oudsome emerged from the collective passion of individuals committed to sharing the captivating essence of agarwood with the world. Over the years, our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has positioned us as a leader in the agarwood industry.

Core Values

Quality Excellence: Our commitment to quality goes beyond standards; it’s a pledge. We carefully source agarwood from trusted plantations, ensuring that each product surpasses the highest quality benchmarks.

Sustainability: We champion responsible business practices. Oudsome is dedicated to sustainable sourcing, safeguarding the ecosystems that produce agarwood.

Expertise and Guidance: More than a supplier, Oudsome is your guide in the world of oud. Our passionate team is here to assist both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers in choosing the perfect agarwood product.

Connect with Oudsome

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Our Products Range

Malaysia Largest Oud Supplier